Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Daily Painting Practice - Blue Bowl

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Blue Bowl
8" x 10"
oil on masonite panel

I don't have any progress photos today. I just jumped in and painted away. This study had an interesting problem to try and solve. How do you soften a hard edged object without making it appear to fluffy or too rigid? I am still learning the lesson of when and how to use soft and hard edges or as some people call them lost and found edges. Thanks to (Vivienne St.Clair) for introducing me to the work of (Pam Ingalls).She is one of my new favorite artists to study. I like how she gets hard edged reflections but breaks up the edges of the objects with color.
There is only one thing to do...back to the easel for me and more daily painting practice!

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René said...

I've been visiting your blog almost every day now for a few weeks, and men what a work you make!! gorgeous, not to mention the effort you take by making w.i.p. from it. All i can say is thanks, it so rewarding to visit.

I don't know how much you enjoy watching other work, but maybe some work form dutch artist could inspire you also.
And one of them:

Again thanks, keep up the good work.