Monday, November 27, 2006

landscapes are mindscapes

You have seen this before. I previously posted several of these sketches. It is one of 4 color studies I have done for a larger painting I am starting. In fact it will be the largest landscape painting I have ever started. 36" x 40".
I had to re-arrange the studio space in order to get enough room to step back and evaluate the progress and compare to my large color study and photos on the computer screen.
I am just starting to finish the under painting. Now the real painting begins. I have so many little demons I face when I do studio work. Seems like most artists have something to work out. I worked on several of them this weekend with my art therapist/wife guiding me through the dismal swamp of doubt. I have a theory, the larger the painting the louder the fear rings in my head. The louder the fear gets the easier it is to get past. The only way to get past fear and doubt is to walk right through them. No amount of talking or procrastination will erase the little buggers. Humor and gratitude are the remedies to use. That, and several good cups of tea.
Choose a Path
oil on canvas

I did this painting years ago as a wedding gift for my brother-in -law. This was when I painted one painting every few years. I invented the scene and put my whole self into it. I don't remember having any fear or doubts painting it.. I am sure I had them but the point is the painting is what lasted, the other stuff is gone with the wind.


Anonymous said...

I love this park scene! I liked it when you did it small, but now it's even better!

Anonymous said...

Your comment is encouraging. The head trips we can take ourselves through don't matter in the end. The painting speaks for itself.