Wednesday, November 22, 2006

painting - looking out my studio window

Don't let your children see this. Here's a real photographic nightmare. That's enough to scare most adults. I couldn't get the exposure adjusted quite right.
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My Neighbors Chimney
oil on canvas board

Today was beautiful outside and by the time I got around to my two hour daily painting practice the sun was starting to go down. This was one of those days where I could not find something to practice on. I refused to do another apple! I sat there looking out my studio window and then it hit me. Why not paint what I'm looking at? So, I did!

I should do more of these for practice. I certainly need to sharpen my outdoor painting skill. Here are three painters I would love to have a week to paint along side of (Justin Clayton) probably my first choice because I think he captures outdoor light like very few do and being a daily painter I would like to learn more about economy of brushwork. I found (Stephen Brown) on-line, I'd want to learn dramatic composition from him, and finally( Linden Fredrick) because that's what I want to paint like.

I guess I'll settle for learning through admiration. Thank God for Blogs.


amber said...

i had a great time viewing these artist thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter
You should check out Terry Miura's landscape work. A master of 'atmosphere' - wind, clouds, distance, trees, a moment in time...

Peter Yesis said...

James - you read my mind. If I had posted 4 names the 4th artist I would like to lear from is Terry Miura. I watch his blog everyweek.