Wednesday, December 27, 2006

daily painting practice 115 - self portrait with teacup

What do you paint after the holidays? How about trying to paint a self portrait in 2 hours?
Here it looks like a ghost. I washed in the background with a turp/Liquin medium and a transparent cadmium orange. Then I used a really thin mix of viridian green and indian red.
I look like a prisoner asking for more water in my tin cup! I'm doing time for impersonating Van Gogh last week.
I needed to put my glasses back on to do the details. That meant painting them into the picture.
One or two touches adding details and I am finished.
click on picture to enlarge the image

Self Portrait with Teacup
oil on masonite

I figure Ebay sales will be very slow until mid January so I will do some daily painting practice pieces on subjects that wouldn't sell. I think this character fits that category.


Anonymous said...


I love this tutorial.
I love your style of painting.
I love this blog!

I'm glad that I happened upon it. I'm bookmarking it, and I'm linking to it from my blog.

Fantastic stuff!

Anonymous said...

One hell of painting Peter!!!
Soooo loose