Thursday, December 28, 2006

daily painting practice 116 - knowing when to quit

Morning light coming in an east window may look pretty in real life but it is impossible for me to photograph.
I am racing the light as it comes out from behind the morning clouds. I didn't even have time to put out new paint so I am working with old dry paint left on the palette.
Here you get an idea of the contrast between the subject and the canvas.
My set up was not very good to see the color I was painting. The canvas was in shadow and the bright back lit subject didn't help either. A lot of the color was pure guess work and chance.
click on picture to enlarge the image

Pink Cyclamen
oil on masonite

Knowing when to quit is a hard lesson to learn. I kept this painting session short. I only spent an hour then decided enough was enough. If I kept going with this painting I would have struggled with the changing light conditions all afternoon. Sometimes it is better to grab the image and enjoy the process and be willing to say " Oops the light changed time to move on." I hate giving in so easily. I may come back and do battle with this composition again for a larger studio painting. My wonderful wife/houseplant specialist has kept this plant blooming for more than 8 months so I am not worried about losing the flowers. I may have to use both photographs and life studies to get it done though.

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Anonymous said...

I love the painting. I did one a while back but never have framed it or tryed to sell it. I love the way you talk about your art. I wish I was as good at it as you are.