Tuesday, January 02, 2007

daily painting practice- Will Return January 22

I will return to Daily Painting Practice on January 22 2007. Lots of people are making resolutions this time of year and I have my own to work on. I will not be posting for the next 3 weeks. I am starting quite a few new projects in 2007 and I need to adjust my schedue and work habits a bit. One truth is I have become addicted to reading artist's blogs and I need to get my head out of the computer and into the studio. Not to worry though-

While I am away in art blog rehab, I hope you will enjoy some of the sites that got me hooked. Warning these blogs can be addictive!

In addition to the links on my blog I highly recommend these. For your daily dose of art history and some fascinating information try these wonderful blogs: First,(Lines and Colors) - you could spend hours on this site alone. (Your Daily Art) is for a quick hit of art history and(Making a Mark) will feed you a dose of interesting topics.
For those interested in a little different perspective and like to read about the business side of art try looking at the(Intrepid Art Collector) and (Art Biz Blog).

If I need a place to remind me about how to enjoy art I often fall back to (Anthony Zierhut). Three other places to go to see and learn how art can fill your life are(One mile from home) and (Studio Notes) and (Life Plein Air).

But here is my holy grail and the winner of the best site for learning to be an artist. Anyone who says " I want to be an artist but I can't afford art school" will see what it is really like to dedicate yourself to practice. This is the best art school on the internet. I have been following (Learning to See) since Paul started posting. His dedication is humbling and inspirational at the same time. I have learned so much from this guy. I feel I owe him my first born....( my first born is grown and married and may see this as an opportunity to travel to England)

Anyway- enjoy these while I am away from my computer. I'm going cold turkey. Feel free to leave comments, I would like to hear what you think of these blogs. Back soon!


Anonymous said...

Peter have a good productive break, I hope the new projects work out well and I will await your return to daily painting "avec impatience"
Thank you also for those splendid links, you evil pusher you, I can see a few there that will take a bit of my time.
Meanwhile, happy new year, see you on the 22nd. Sarah xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

I noticed some referrals from here in my logs today, so I headed over to check you out. I find myself both very complimented and more than a touch embarrassed by your comments on my site (Learning to See). If my aimless ramblings have helped you at all then I'm very happy.

You have some lovely work here, it's great to see someone attacking this painting lark with such determination. After an evening of preparing panels and updating the site I'm a little bushed, but will return soon for a more thorough look. I'll look forward to your new projects for 2007.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is addicted to reading about art and now
you have provided some new links to feed my addiction, lol.

I've enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your very lovely paintings.
Enjoy your break!

Anonymous said...

hope your projects work well.
Looking forward for your return and more lovely paintings.

Great sites, and you're right, they're very addictive.

Thank you for referring those amazing and resourceful links, now i can't wait to pick up my brush and start practising :)

Making A Mark said...

Thanks for the mention Peter

And you're absolutely right art blog reading can be addictive! Try reading them in the evening after you've produced the art for each day - that's my new tactic!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links Peter, one of them lead me to this very good one:



Anthony said...

Happy new year to you, and thank you for mentioning me in this post. Thanks, especially, for those links! I'm bookmarking them now. A quick perusal of Learning To See has blown me away. A great artist and a great writer.

Your daily painting posts have been an inspiration to me, and a reminder that quality comes from constant practice. Good luck in your future projects!

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, I think you must be awesome to be able to go cold turkey! I keep trying to just cut back on reading blogs each day, yet here I sit.

I look forward to you coming back, but wouldn't blame you a bit if you didn't:-) The computer is a major studio time sucker.

Anonymous said...

I cannot stop every morning to read art blogs with my cup of coffee!!!