Monday, January 29, 2007

Daily Painting Practice Season Two Begins

This is a new year so I tried a new approach with this first study. I coated the entire panel with a Liquin and Turpentine mix. Then started painting into it. I wasn't really comfortable with the feel. But this is practice and who said we should always be comfortable?
I thought the composition had that breakfast in Italy feel to it.
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Orange Delight - Study
oil on masonite
It feels good to be painting again. I have not painted or posted a blog for almost three weeks so forgive me if I do too much babbling. I think the time away was a gift and I am so grateful to be seeing clear again. Moody artists should take note. You are not alone. I think all artists have a genetic requirement that makes us go through mood swings or periods of self doubt. It may be God's way of balancing the universe. We get to play with beauty and occasionally we need to feel like we may lose the gift.

Being away (in Bolivia) not only helped me to kick my habit of .. I must be on the computer every hour to check email and the latest updates on every daily painter's blog in the universe..., but I was also able to clear my head of silly things like feeling depressed if my little practice paintings did not sell on Ebay, or I really got into trouble listening to myself say things like I can't do "real art".

So I am back. I feel like I am entering my sophmore year in my homeschool of art. This year I am changing the way I approach my daily painting practice and how I will post on my blog. On Mondays, I will show the setup and composition I will be working on for the entire week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I will be posting small daily studies or practice pieces for the larger painting I hope to have done each week. Thursdays, I will post something painted just for fun and Fridays I will post the finished painting of the week.

I am hoping this approach will keep me focussed on my goals for the year and also keep me challanged. Painting is hard work. The more I do the more it seems I learn just how hard it really is. This first year has been remarkable. I have learned so much and gained a lot of confidence. So back to work!

Oh- and thanks to everyone who commented and wrote emails while I was away. The encouragement and support we give each other is the best antidote for doubt and fear.


Anonymous said...

Hey Peter! Good to see you back! Nice painting!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Peter.
Nice work, and yes, it has an 'Italian breakfast' feel about it!

Anonymous said...

Well, I think you are doing "real art" even on the painting practice and I know you have a nice following. I also know what you mean about art and mood. I think we have to "suffer for our art" as they say. (Internet addiction is also a real problem.)

On the technique, I haven't heard of this idea. Where did you get the idea? (Am I just unhip?) It seems to have produced a nice loose feel, which I like.

Polly Jones said...

What a nice debut back! I enjoy your blog and how you share your process and thoughts. Thanks for doing that.

René PleinAir said...

Welcome back Peter, and what a nice work. A treat!

Keep at it, have a nice week!

Roxanne Steed said...

whoa, you have seen inside my head & I'm glad you wrote it all down for me to read. Love your work & have been waiting impatiently for you to come back (ha, it's that internet addiction, dang!). Thanks for posting this beautiful work again!

Luis Colan said...

Good to see you back Peter. Hope you liked Bolivia, a country very much like my own, Peru.
Love the colors and composition of this painting. Take care.