Tuesday, February 06, 2007

daily painting practice - apples and copper

I know I said I would post studies of the weekly painting but I needed to break in with something different. The best tool I have in my studio is my wife. She can spot a bad work habit in a nano second and come up with the creative solution in the next nano second. (I've got plenty of bad habits so she'll be busy for quite a few years)

Anyway, on this occasion she noticed how I was struggling with the light in my paintings by chasing it all day long. If it changed in the afternoon I would change it on my canvas. (nobody said artists have brains)... So now I have a still life set up for morning and one for the afternoon and one for lamp light at night.
I signed it a little too soon. I need to warm it up just a touch.
click on the picture to enlarge the image

Apples and Copper
8"x10" oil on wood
Here is the solution to bad habit number two.
I have a new saying that I should tack up in the studio.
"Get out of the way!" It means get out of the way of myself. My art motivational therapist/wife came up with the phrase. She noticed how rigid and stiff I get when I paint. There is no joy in Mudville when I start....."this one has got to be perfect....I messed up the light....I can't paint reds.....the composition stinks" you get the picture.

I tried my new attitude adjustment on for size, and this painting was the result. I didn't think about it too much I just enjoyed the process of laying on the paint. Joy in art. What a concept!


Louis Boileau said...

Nice one Peter. Very warm.

René PleinAir said...

Okay here we go:

Joy in art. What a concept!
Joy in art. What a concept!
Joy in art. What a concept!
Joy in art. What a concept!
Joy in art. What a concept!
Joy in art. What a concept!
No concept, truth!!

Get painting!!