Monday, February 05, 2007

daily painting practice - still life study

Here are my prizes I purchased from the thrift store last week. Everything but the sugar bowl for $10.00. Even the roses came with the vase. When I grow up I want to paint like (Paul Raymond Seaton). His website is a treasure for those wanna be still life painters like myself. He recommends starting with artificial flowers because they don't wilt and droop. So I thought I would give it a try.

I must have tried 50 different arrangements. The sugar bowl was a sweet addition, don't you think? Another new exercise for me is starting to actually put some thought into my composition. This is a new challenge, most of the time I am much too impatient and jump into painting before I have thought out the reason for the painting.

I tried mixing real plants with the fake ones.
I tried to raise the cuteness scale but I think I may have gone a little too far. I do like the triangle composition though.

Here is the arrangement I chose and the start of the weekly painting. My still life designer/consultant/prop master suggested the silk scarf. I will have a fatwah issued against me if I get any paint on it though.
Starting with a very warm underpainting and hoping the warm color will keep the shadows transparent.
I am using a lot of Liquin again and the paint is staying transparent but the darks got a little too muddy because I mixed in Viridian green. Have you ever noticed that sometimes just adding the wrong color can really kill the other colors already on the canvas?
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Roses in a Vase - Study 8"x10"
oil on masonite

Here is the first study for the new weekly painting. The roses are a hard color to paint. In real life the red/orange is brilliant and the shadow colors deep. I did not capture that in the study. I don't like the lighting in this one either. I think more dramatic shadows add interest and would improve the sketch. However, I like something about the fresh feel of the painting. Study number one complete... move on to the real thing.

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Kim Roberti said...

Peter, thank you for visited my blog and liking my "Antique Roses" yes the piece is for sale, $450 with nice 3inched gold plein-aire frame. I take payment plan. or paypal.
I love your new still life. You're doing a wonderful job. Take good care...Kim