Friday, February 09, 2007

daily painting pratice - weekly painting almost

This is where I left off. I was fiddling with the background and something was bothering me. I felt the composition was not balanced or something. So....

I wiped out the bottom, moved the pitcher and the tea cup and moved the plate that was under the vase. I also re-wrinkled the silk scarf. Then I tried my new "get out of the way" approach to painting. I need practice in sustaining the freedom of getting out of the way. I start to tigten up as soon as I hit the details.
Still Life - work in progress
oil on canvas

So here I am at week two of my one painting a week goal and I'm still working out the kinks. I'll stick with this one for next week. Press on!


Lisa said...

I really like the way this painting is coming along. I love the painterly strokes, soft and romantic.

James said...

Moving the plate really helped. The base of the triangle in the composition is more solid. Thanks for sharing the process and your thoughts. It will be fun to see the highlights come in next week.

Michael Naples said...

Your composition changes really made a difference. It takes gut to make changes like that so far along. Nice.