Thursday, April 26, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - The Collection - Work in Progress

I am falling behind this week on my studio painting so I am not posting as many daily painting practice paintings as I normally do. I need to concentrate and focus on the show pieces.
Here is a better photo of the arrangement. There is a debate going on between my art advisor/wife and myself as to whether the framed etching should be included. I think it can be if I change the size and cut off the top. Others say it should come out completely. Any thoughts?

The Collection - Work in Progress
24" x 30"
oil on canvas

My art consultant/wife has a keen eye for composition so when I said I was thinking of doing a painting with her shell collection I knew I was going to need more time to work on the set up. We have collected shells and sand from our visits to the ocean and various beaches through the years. The collection is a memory warehouse for us.

Just started laying in the darks. I am keeping the underpainting very cool and grey. I am excited about this one. The light is doing some beautiful things to the glass and shells. I must get back to work now I thought you would like another sneak peek.


Todd Bonita said...

Very cool and corageous undertaking here, I'm sure you'll bat out another really nice painting. Particularly since you are excited about it and it has such personal meaning to you and your wife. looking forward to seeing the finish, thanks for the work-in-progress glimpse, I always enjoy them.


Parisbreakfasts said...

What an undertaking?
I can handle just 3-4 objects before things get out of hand.
I like the shape contrast the picture frame adds to the composition..

Louis Boileau said...

In my humble opinion, put the etching in and let it run off the top. It will add great abstract shape interest...and the reflections handled correctly, will also give it a little mystery.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter! We love this composition! "aaahhh" The books you chose are so appropriate. The best paintings tell a story, or provoke a thought or memory. It doesn't seem that you need to add a portion of the etching since this is already such an interesting piece. The eye enjoys absorbing the entire content and is not distracted. Thank you so much for sharing your work. The Oregon couple

Making A Mark said...

Wow - that's some set-up!

If you have the etching in then IMO I'd want to chop it so it is showing no more than a half to two thirds of the picture. No way would I show the whole thing. Maybe you and your wife could with whether the resulting shape works better portrait or landscape.

Peter Yesis said...

Thanks Todd - corageous is a word I'm afraid to use.

Carol- Yes it is quiet a "collection". That's one vote for the frame.

Louis - Thanks that's 2 votes for the etching.

Hello Oregon Couple - I'm glad you stopped by. You are siding with my wife and son on this one. 1(or 2) votes against.

Katherine - I think you may have broken the dead lock. 3 votes for 2 votes against. But what does IMO stand for?

Parisbreakfasts said...

Peter, can I paint this too?
It's looking more and more enticing..just a section of it..
Actually I need practice painting whites-so the big shells?
Can we get assignments?