Tuesday, July 10, 2007

daily painting practice- Omaha Veteran - work in progress

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Here is a painting in progress for my show in September that I have titled (tentatively) Omaha Veteran, because the idea came to me after watching the HBO series Band of Brothers. The story of these men who fought in WWII touched me deeply and I felt compelled to honor them and all those who have sacrificed so much without asking for anything in return except the time to live out their lives in peace.

If you walk through my neighborhood, the Benson area of Omaha, you can''t help but notice how many homes have American flags. There are so many. I think for most it is more a display of affection than of pride. The flags are shown not in an ostentatious way but in a humble and unassuming manner. This flag hangs on the porch next to the front door almost like a worn welcome mat.

click on the picture to enlarge the image

Omaha Veteran - work in Progress
oil on canvas

In gratitude to all who have and who are sacrificing for others.


m collier said...

This is a wonderful painting. The detail picture could stand along as a painting. Nice job. Your paintings always have such a good story.

Anonymous said...

What an evocative scene. Reminds me of when I visited my husband's grandfather in Colorado.

Beautiful, gentle sunlight. Not at all like L.A.

Mike said...

Wow, Peter! Great job on the dappled light!


Anonymous said...

A beautiful painting and a wonderful dedication. Many easily forget and the young are often unaware of what those in service and thier families do sacrifice for others. As a partner of a long time and still active serviceman, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that through reading this blog I'd hear news of a new grandchild...? Last night we watched the documentary about Rembrandt on PBS. Are you related to him? Talent seems to run in the family.

Cara said...

Wonderful - I really like your choice in positioning your subject matter.

Anthony said...

This is an absolutely beautiful painting. The atmosphere in the distance, the shadows of trees on the roof, the quiet demeanor of the old veteran. This is my favorite kind of subject and execution, where there is something ordinary and something extraordinary happening simultaneously. A camera could never capture this. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

That is an outstanding painting! The guy sitting on the porch is great, but then my eyes explore the shadows plus the house next door, very well done. Hope you make a Giclee of that one. I think this is the best piece of yours I have seen.

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