Thursday, July 12, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - Roses

I started with a very warm pre-toned panel. I think I toned 5 or 6 of these panels two weeks ago using mostly cadmium orange. When they dry I stack them up. This way I have a cool pile and a warm pile of dry pre-toned panels.
Quick block in. This took about 10 minutes. I wish I could paint this care free at the end of my paintings.
I start to block in the darks of the roses. I think it would have been better to paint them a one dark tone instead of thinking of them as rose petals at this point. Sometimes my mind gets in the way and takes over. If you start out thinking about painting flower petals instead of painting tones it can get very frustrating. That's what happened with this one.
oil on masonite

Looking back I should have been more careful painting the roses as tonal values rather than as individual flower parts. This is why we practice.

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Making A Mark said...

I hate doing flowers in vases - always the issue of where to place the vase and how to crop the study.