Monday, July 16, 2007

daily painting practice - Any Day Now

This painting is was conceived (pun intended) while thinking about my first grandchild. We are waiting for his arrival which should be any day now.
I love the expression on this duck's face. "Is he here yet?"... No, still waiting.
I had moved my studio down into the basement a few weeks ago. I needed the room to back away from the easel. If you stand too close to your painting when evaluating tones and colors you can get very tight. I find it helps me keep the brush strokes loose if I to step back every now and then.
Yellow is a very difficult color to get bold and brilliant. I think there may be a trick in bringing out the yellow if I use a gray/purple in the surrounding areas.
click on the image to enlarge the picture

Any Day Now
oil on masonite

Just hanging out waiting for the games to begin.


Todd Bonita said...

Fun piece Peter. Just checking in and enjoying watching the process.

be good,

Cara said...

This is precious! The yellow looks great -

David said...

Well, nothing like painting to make the time pass! Precious indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Peter - it's cool to see you try something soft and fluffy :) Your work and your site continue to be entertaining and inspirational. Thanks for keeping it up!


René PleinAir said...

Now this one is gonna stay on my desktop for a while!!!

Thanks Peter!! :-D