Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Daily painting practice - Plein air practice day 2 - House with a Red Roof

Day 2 Plein Air Practice- This is a view from my front porch. (How brave am I?)
Already I see one big lesson to learn. Painting shadows. Getting them dark enough but transparent. Compared to studio painting the feeling of being rushed outside is both stimulating and nerve racking.

House with a Red Roof
oil on masonite

I brought the painting back to the studio for some clean up again after going as far as I could outside. I hope by the end of this year I will not feel the need to do this.

Self Critique time - That shadow of the tree bothers me. Even though that is what I saw, I think some artistic choices should have been made to change or eliminate it. Also, next time I will try and get more color into the whites.


René PleinAir said...

Your going fast Peter!!
Not a easy subject to choose, with that strange perspective.

I read somewhere that shadows could be seen as Gods furry and
best painted like that, ...furious

I like your new quest and already looking forward to tomorrow.

Although one warning!

Plein Air can be highly addictive!!

Cara said...

Wonderful job with this -

Anonymous said...

Your perspective is perfect. I think I'll learn a lot from watching your progress.

rob ijbema said...

yes a very brave subject,especially if you are not used to plein air.
after 4 years of plein air i still sometimes touch up at home
great effort! keep up with it Peter and the rest will follow...