Monday, July 30, 2007

Daily Plein Air Practice Day 3 - St. Patrick's Spire in Corning, Iowa

It's a miracle!
I am cured of the fear of painting in public. How did this happen? Was it because I chose to paint a church as my first subject after entering my first Plein Air Paint Out?
Or was it because I met several wonderful artists who were very encouraging? Or was it the friendly people of the town of Corning, Iowa who made me feel so comfortable?
I think it was all of the above.

(Debra Groesser), a wonderful plein air painter with whom I took a (day class in May), invited me to participate in the second annual EnPlein Air- Paint Out in Corning. I am so glad she did.

Corning is about a two hour drive from Omaha. I arrived about 9:00 AM, registered at the Corning Center for Fine Arts and walked a few blocks before I noticed the sun hitting this church spire in the distance. The orange tile rooftops have a European look. I set up in the shade of a building about 10:00AM. The sky went from overcast to brilliant sunshine and back again. "What did I get myself into?" I asked myself.

By the time I got near the end of painting, I was standing in full sunlight. But the effort was worth the sun burn.

click on the image to enlarge the picture

St. Patrick's Spire
oil on masonite

I ended the morning with a painting I liked and with a surprise. Not only did I really enjoy the experience but I had no fear once I started. I think I am hooked. But wait there is more... This painting sold the next day. What a blessing...I should paint more churches.

I'll post more of the paintings I did at Corning over the next few days. With a surprise ending.


Anonymous said...

wow, Peter...this one is gorgeous!

René PleinAir said...

Here you have it, .... addicted !!

This will be year of treatment to get you off it!

What a rush Peter, I am glad that you like it.
And your going sooo fast, unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! I think it's funny that you went from painting in your backyard to painting just a few feet from your front door, then directly to a public sidewalk with a plein air group. Whew!

Like Rene said, that is sooo fast. You really went for it.

I'm addicted to watching the adventures of your new addiction. Fun!

Anonymous said...

You made Iowa look like Switzerland!