Friday, August 24, 2007

daily painting practice - postcards for the show

I hope you all will consider yourselves invited to the show. Here is the postcard I had printed up.

The gallery has it's mailing list and I have mine. So, in addition to finishing paintings, getting them to the framers and back again, my art manager/wife and I had to put together our mailing list and stamp and mail 500 postcards.

We used a company online for the postcards( They did a great job. Not too expensive and great service.

The painting we used is one of my favorites and sold from the gallery just after printing. So it won't be in the show. I still have 2 paintings left to finish details on and a small 5"x7" still life that I have not started yet. It will be part of a 3 piece set.

Back to work. As soon as this is over I promise - One full year of plein air painting.......really.


Donald Wienand said...

Hi Peter,
I wish u all the best for the show many buyers and collectors :)

Greetings from hamburg

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card. Very professional presentation. Hope your show is a great success!

I'm looking forward to watching your one year commitment to plein air painting.

Jiddje said...

Wish you all the best for the show and looking forward to your plein air paintings

Mike said...

Peter . . .I keep coming back to your site . . .and not just for the paintings. Reading your thoughts about sketching your children reveal a lot about who you are; a very sensitive and kind man. That's why I keep coming back!

I'll be doing the same with a card in less than a week! Good luck on your show. No matter what happen's it all counts for later. Keep up the great work!!

I know you'll have a great show!


Paul Foxton said...

Good luck with the show Peter, hope all goes well. The post card looks very good. It's great to see you getting to this stage, and a timely kick up the backside for me. Wishing you many red dots.