Sunday, November 18, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - and the winner is

It's time to reveal the winner of my "Name the Painting Contest".
There were lots a good titles which makes it very hard to choose, but only one could be the winner so thanks to all of you that sent in your titles. This was fun. Most of you sent suggestion via comments to the blog and some sent via email directly. Here is the complete list:
"Honey Dew Spreader" - Edie
"A Sweet Afternoon" - Edie
"Pooped Out" - Marla
"Ye Old Manure Express" - Len
"Paddy Caddy" - Lizzy
"No Bull" - Ian
"Full Throttle" - Rene
Smelly Surrey"- James
Smelly Spreader Surrey"- James
"Stand Behind"- Michael
"Stand By Me" - Michael
"Cow Pie Cadillac" - Ed
"Old Politician" -Frances
"Four Wheel Drive" - Tracy
And the winner is.....

Pooped Out
oil on canvas board

Congratulations to Marla! I'll be sending it out this week.

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