Monday, November 19, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - Brewing a Cup of Tea

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Brewing a Cup of Tea
oil on canvas board

Life seems to be getting very busy of late, my painting and posts have been rather erratic. These are the days when tea drinkers, like myself, cherish the act of brewing a cup. When life gets frantic brewing a cup of tea is one sure way to slow the pace down and give yourself some breathing room. Because every tea drinker knows ... everything must stop until the process of making the first cup is over. Even after the tea is poured there is the time you need to let it brew ( that can't be rushed), the stirring, and the playing with the tea bag. And then, at just the right time... the first sip.....Ahhhhhhh.

Now what was all this about being busy?


Gaylynn said...

I totally agree with you that the making of tea slows life down. I too enjoy tea and all its calming effects. So hears to you for I am off to make a cup so I can savor that first sip.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is good. You really captured that familiar looking honey jar. Great impressionistic reflections on the tea kettle.
Sometimes I just put three tea bags and honey directly in the kettle. One cup is never enough!

Cara said...

Wonderful painting -