Thursday, November 01, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - name the painting contest

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Name the painting and win

oil on canvas board

I knew when I started painting this old manure spreader I would have fun trying to give it a title. Then I thought sharing that fun would be even better. I did this "Name the Painting" contest once before back in (July). Here's how it works.

1. Submit your suggestion for a title by leaving a comment (be sure it is not anonymous) I need a way to contact you so leave your email address, or if you don't want your name mentioned, write me an email.

2. I'll post all of the suggestions and the winning name on November 18. So be sure to enter before then.

3. The winner gets the painting.

4. For those city folks out there, the old manure spreader did just what the name implies.

5. All references to this year's Nebraska football team will be disqualified (though they may be submitted for entertainment purposes only)
Good Luck!


Tracy Helgeson said...

"Four Wheel Drive"

franwalthe said...

Name the painting contest..........."The Old Politician"

Ed Terpening said...

This is about, "Cow Pie Cadillac"? Cheers!

James said...

How about "Smelly spreader surrey"?

Michael said...

Peter - my Dad used to say that manure spreader salesmen would never "stand behind" their product!
How about "Stand By Me"?

Peter Yesis said...

Tracy,Frances,Ed, James and Michael -Thanks for getting us off to a great start!

Frances and Michael -- be sure to send me an Email address. I'll need to communicate if you win.

You guys and gals are setting the bar high. Enter as often as you want.

James said...

Well, if we can enter as often as we want, I would also shorten it to "Smelly Surrey". :^)

René PleinAir said...

"Full Throttle"

Nice painting Peter, lots of fine details and yet, no fuzzy things what so ever.

Anonymous said...

How about "Patty Caddy"?


Edie Dean said...

When I saw your manure spreader painting, I remembered something my husband told me (He grew up in the country in Southern Ohio). He said the trucks that come to clean the out houses are called Honeydew Wagons. So, I would suggest The Honeydew Spreader , A Sweet Afternoon, or A Sweet Afternoon.


Anonymous said...

The Lonely and The Useless

Anonymous said...

How about

"Four Tired Wheels"