Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - Studio Still Life

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Studio Still Life
oil on canvas board

Here are three more Thrift store treasures. Actually four, the same red cloth I used in yesterday's post. The large ceramic pot is blue in real life. I liked the tall shape but not the color for the composition. So, I changed it to a more earthly tone.

Sometimes these small paintings show a lot of personality. I think this painting shows a quiet strength. Because the composition is built on solid shapes. The main one being a triangle ( the strongest shape) The light also is strong but holds the quiet. What do you think? Do you ever see human traits in still life paintings or should I be seeking medical attention?


Ed Terpening said...

As long as we interpret what we see, we can't help but show our personality in our paintings, or at least show how we view the world.

you still may need medical attention--I am no doctor :-)

Peter Yesis said...

Your right Ed on both points.