Sunday, February 10, 2008

Daily Painting Practice- The Rose

My wife and I went to a wine tasting event this past weekend to benefit the Disabled Veterans. Each woman was given a long stem rose as they left.
Two days later the rose is in full bloom and ready for a Daily Practice Painting.
I have never painted a rose yet to my satisfaction. I think they are the most difficult of all the flowers. I have yet to figure out how to go about getting that deep color with pale halftone and soft highlights on the petals.
It is especially difficult painting wet into wet. Perhaps if I tried painting it again when the paint dries...
click on the image to enlarge the painting

The Rose
oil on canvas board

Or perhaps not. I gave it a good try but I think I may have to do this over and over again until I am satisfied I can paint a rose. I should have named this ..."First Attempt"


Mary J DuVal said...

I think roses are terrifying! (ha!!) But they are also my favorite flower. They really are such a challenge, but you've done a fine job.

Anonymous said...

You did a nice job on this rose. I agree they are difficult. I think glazing may be the route to very subtle color/value changes. But then the rose has died so you better have a good memory.