Saturday, February 02, 2008

Daily Painting Practice- Tangerines on a blue plate

Well I'm back. It has been at least two weeks since I actually picked up a paint brush. It could not be helped. Sometimes you just have to roll with what you are given. My production goal is going to be nearly impossible to meet but that doesn't mean I won't try.
On the left you can see the beginning of my next still life (with a familiar face in it). On the right is the beginning of today's daily practice painting.
The under painting is actually a plein air cloud study I am painting over. The blue makes a nice contrast to the orange tangerines. Too bad I covering it up.
I think this is the best I have done as far as capturing the intensity of the orange color of the tangerine peel.
click on image to enlarge the painting

Tangerines on a Blue Plate
5"x 7"
oil on masonite
That's a big title for such a small painting. It was fun to get back to work. I was really missing the time in my studio. My goals still stand. This will be my first solid week of painting without Grandpa duty. I can't wait to slop some paint...... but I miss the little guy already.

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