Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daily Painting Practice- Grapes

click on the image to enlarge the painting

original by Peter Yesis
oil on canvas

This was fun but took me a bit longer than a usual daily practice painting. I think the effort was worth it though. The trick in this composition was not to paint all the grapes with the same level of detail or color. The subtle variations in light falling across the grapes needed to be expressed by having the top left grapes be the star of the show and the lower grapes playing a supportive role. Otherwise the painting might have felt very static.... There is nothing worse than a static painting... leaves you with a shock.


Robin Weiss said...

Your game plan worked well Peter. Nothing static about this painting! It has very nice quality!

Cara said...

Bravo Peter - Bravo!

Cheryl Pass said...

Yummy and delicious....jchgbf Beautifully done!

Dana S. Whitney said...

Caught my attention, that's for sure... and at first glance, I thought it might be watercolor. I love how free and light the painting is. (And my beginning oil painting books ALL warn against painting grapes because they're so HARD!) Great work.

Peter Yesis said...

thanks Robin, Cara Cheryl and KPW. IThey were delicious. I should do a painting of what they looked liked after I was finished... I think there are 3 grapes left

Anonymous said...

I think I can smell the grape juice scenting the air. Hmm did you use grape juice for paint. Only kidding.
wonderful painting. I don't know how you find the time and discipline to paint every day. I would like some helpful hints on how to push other things aside and get people and my housework to let me paint.

Dianne Mize said...

Peter, this one is stunning. Makes my mouth water, literally and aesthetically.