Monday, August 04, 2008

Daily Painting Practice - Porcelain Whites

Thank God I have a studio in the basement. Nice and cool down here. It was a miserable hot and humid day today. The kind of humidity that when you walk outside you feel like you are wearing a set of damp clothes.

Another day to experiment. I purchased some Gamblin Neo Megilip medium. I think it is supposed to be a Maroger medium replacement. It looked interesting at the Blick art store so I bought a small jar and gave it a try.....(I have no idea what I am doing). I started with a toned board and grayish monotone underpainting. The medium gets very tacky very fast.
I kept picking up paint from the under painting as I tried to add layers. Perhaps this would have worked better as a two day painting. After a lunch break the painting looked like it was almost dry... but that was just a trick. They should call this trick the artist medium. I made the mistake of using a brush that was damp with turps....oops! off came the paint...when will I learn?
click on image to enlarge the painting

Porcelain Whites
original by Peter Yesis
oil on masonite

Though I struggled with the new medium I enjoyed the way it held the color of the paint. I certainly will continue to practice with it though I think they need to give a new name, Neo Meglip,... sounds like a period of history when small dinosaurs ran around.


Robin Weiss said...

Man, you nailed the grapes Peter!!

This is a beautiful still life!!

Hattermad said...

Gotta love the variations of white.
The shadow curve on the right and the grape stem perfectly subtle.
Fab brush strokes, and the grapes are yum.

The Neo Megilp is cool once ya get the hang of it...much easier to handle than SP's actual Maroger, is a slow medium though.

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

This is beautiful! Whites always captivate me.
I hope to paint like this someday.
Interesting note about the medium since David Leffel talks about maroger.