Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Daily Painting Practice - Yellow Delight

click on the image to enlarge the painting

Yellow Delight
original by Peter Yesis
oil on canvas board

Sorry I don't have progress photos of this one. I did ...but I erased them by mistake from the camera. Marigolds are by far the most fun flower to paint. They are so forgiving. They have such character. You only need to suggest their form and your mind completely understands what it is you are looking at.... not only that but they make the studio smell good too.

Speaking of feeling good. There are several art bloggers that I go to whenever I need a smile. They can write with humor about almost anything. Here's my list of smile blogs;
First up is ( Tracy Helgeson ). Tracy is my cup of tea first thing in the morning blog. To me she is the Erma Bombeck of the art blog world. If you are too young to remember Erma Bombeck...go ask your mom.
Next is ( Maggie Stiefvater ). Down to earth practical with a keen sense of humor. She not only writes well.... Well, she writes. I mean she not only is an artist and humorist she is also a published author. You also will learn a great deal.
Speaking of learning a great deal.( James Gurney )will teach you more about art and dinosaurs than you ever thought possible ...and you'll enjoy it. You'll feel smarter as soon as you read his blog.
Finally ( Bill Jones and Lisa Towers )get my prize for the funniest art blog I know of. Their humor can get a bit earthy. But the two of them take the cake. They can make me laugh out loud. Just what I need sometimes when the painting gets tough.

That's my list to help you smile. Do you have any favorites?


Tracy Helgeson said...

Nice marigolds.

Thanks, Peter! I take the Erma Bombeck reference as very high praise as I DO remember her and thought she was hysterically funny.

Gosh, I am feeling some pressure to add some sort of funny comment here but I can''t think of anything. Anyway, I'd like to thank the academy.....

Anonymous said...

It is a yellow delight. Lovely little painting.