Saturday, March 28, 2009

Daily Painting Practice - Baseball stadium Continues

The baseball stadium painting continues. I need to finish soon and get on with some fresh paintings. Paintings can get stale if I work on them too much.
Something I really enjoy is dissecting a painting. I like figuring out what makes a painting work and how to make it better. This painting is all about light and angles. I deliberately make some angles work more for me than others. The sky is painted at an angle to bring the viewers eye into the field. The shadow angles on the far left make an arrow shape that points our eyes towards the right, and the light on the right side brings you back to the center. Even though I am not set on the details of the people in the bottom right corner. I know they have a curve that sweeps the viewer's eye back into the painting. I am also contemplating another boy with a cap in the front. His cap will point toward the pitcher.

I think a successful painting is like a well produced play on Broadway. Each share these key ingredients:
A strong center of interest. ( The Star of the show)
Good Composition. (A strong supporting cast)
Good use of light. ( Drama/mood)
An interesting narrative. (The audience must relate emotionally to the story)
Above is some more diagnosis. The Center of interest is in the cross hairs of some useful lines in the composition. The narrative directly relates to the center of interest. Did the batter hit the ball or miss it? The line of the pitch takes the viewer across the painting, the vertical poles on the right side stops the viewer. The supporting characters at the bottom of the painting help bring the attention back to the action and the shadow line ( in yellow) stops the viewer again forcing your eyes back to the pitcher.

Here's another trick to use when you need to examine changes to the composition. I wasn't sure the fence in the foreground was at the best angle. It was correct as far as real life but for the composition I was thinking of maybe changing it to go parallel with the grass. Anyway, one way to try it out is to take a photo of your work and use a photo editing program to see what it looks like. I think it takes away from the picture so I won't change it.

Here are the progress shots up to the present. This is where I left off.
I added the steel work under the main structure and started filling in the crowd.
The crowd is nearly all filled in and I removed the figure from the center in the blue hat. I like the space better now.
Rosenblatt Baseball Stadium - Work In Progress
click on the photo to enlarge the image
The fence detail is coming along. I added the field lights. Still, lots to do. What do you think? Will I finish before the College World Series begins?

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Kathy Jurek said...

Hi Peter,

Yes, you will finish before the College World Series begins! But...will it be dry? .....My 2nd workshop painting is still wet. I predict it will still be wet when the College World Series begins. ;)