Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daily Painting Practice - Salon International and Old Florida

My son called me today and kindly but directly reminded me to get on the stick and stop ignoring the blog. The name of the blog is Daily Painting Practice after all, not Every So Often Painting Practice. I must admit he was right. I have no excuse for the absence( other than being lazy) especially since so much has been happening in and around the studio.
So let me catch you up on what has been happening and give you a little bit of news on things coming up.
Last week I was at the Salon International show at the (Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio), Texas. I was lucky enough to get two paintings juried in. It is quite an honor considering the quality of the art and other artists chosen. I met so many wonderful people. I had to ask several kind hearted people to take photos for me since I forgot my camera.
The show was truly an amazing experience. One of my all time favorite artists (Daniel Greene) was the judge. His talk about why he choose certain pieces for an award was an art course all by itself. However, the day after the awards dinner, a lot of the artists came back to the gallery in the morning and Daniel Greene gave a few of us critiques of our work. That was like a year of art training in 10 minutes.
Here's my second painting. I met a few artists I have only talked with via email, several who recognized my name from the blog and a few I recognized from art magazines and articles . One pleasant surprise was meeting (Carol Marine), my friend from the (Daily Paintworks) group. We were talking so much about art and daily painting ideas we nearly had to be ushered out so they could close the gallery.
I have more to say regarding the show and also my next adventure, but I'll save that for tomorrow's post.... Yes, I promise to post again tomorrow.
But before I go... Here is the update on the Old Florida painting.

click on the photo to enlarge the image

Old Florida
oil on canvas
20" x 24"

I am not sure it is completely finished so I'll submit it for comments and a virtual critique. What do you think?

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Mary J DuVal said...

Kudos to your son - I miss your updates and was glad to see one in my inbox this morning. I'll look forward to hearing more details of your experience at the Greenhouse Gallery. In my humble opinion, Old Florida is definitely done and it's wonderful.