Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Daily Painting Practice - 30 Self portraits in 30 days - day 1

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Self Portrait No.1
oil on canvas board

I was thinking to myself, "Self", I said, " if I am going to do the daily painting practice and blogging on a regular basis again, I will need to try something a little different.... and challenging."

Well, nothing is more challenging than figure painting and the portrait tops that list. I originally thought of calling it 100 self portraits in 100 days, but I don't think I could stand looking at myself that much. 30 Self Portraits in 30 days is going to be hard enough. Especially since I will be traveling to the Oil Painters of America show in Santa Fe this weekend. I might have to bend the rules a little.

Here's the challenges and benefits I see for those of you who want to paint along.

1. Try to keep to 2 hours or less to paint. (keeps you from taking yourself too seriously)
2. You can paint yourself thinner only if you diet for the 30 days and want to see what you will look like at the end.
3. Try painting from life (using a mirror) as well as from photos.
4. Try painting using different media... pencil, watercolor, pastel. Or different tools and methods... palette knife, large brushes, limited colors.
5. The biggest challenge will be composing 30 paintings ( of a dull subject) that are different enough from each other and interesting enough by themselves to keep painting.

Ok, there is the challenge. Ready, Set,... Go paint!


Carole Paquette said...

Peter, we will never get tired of seeing you...even 30 different versions of you. What a challenge course you have set up for yourself and any who are willing to follow. I think I'll just sit back, make some popcorn and watch the show!

Carole Paquette

Darren Maurer said...

Great idea Peter.

On a side note a friend of mine called me this week and says to me, "I saw a great painting that you need to see." I say," Really? Where is it?" He answers,"A friend of mine owns it and it is by a guy named Peter Yesis." I told him we were friends and he might want to meet you sometime. I'm just chopped liver I guess. HaHa

Mary J DuVal said...

What a great expression you've captured - I've not met you, yet the expression captures just how I'd imagine you to be, humble with a good sense of humor about art and life. Can't wait to see how this all develops - fun!

Celeste Bergin said...

...hmmm...it is an intriquing challenge because.."the model is always here!" I like your portrait #1 very much and congratulations on thinking up this new challenge.

Kathy Jurek said...

Looks just like you Peter! I sooo want to join you and I've been wanting to do a self portrait. Not sure if I can manage 30 but if I get at least one done, I'll feel accomplished!

Anonymous said...

Great painting! And love the painting tips:)) r.

Cara said...

Very cool idea - great painting.