Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daily Painting Practice - 30 Self Portraits in 30 Days - Day 2

click on the drawing to enlarge the image

Self Portrait No. 2
10" x1'0"
pencil on paper
Something different today. A pencil sketch. Not as easy as I thought. I discovered I don't have a lot of patience when it comes to sketching. I guess that is why I am holding a brush in the picture.


David Lobenberg said...

Looks damn good to me. I'm finishing my drawing and painting classes by having my students do self portraits (charcoal, acrylic, and oil) I'll be following your self portrait saga with great interest.

Peter Yesis said...

Hey David-
Doing Self portraits is the best practice for beginning artists. I like to tell beginners to look at Rembrandt's self portraits, most of which are incredible. Then check out his etchings and some early paintings when he is the model and they aren't that great just practice pieces that anybody would do.