Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daily Painting Practice - 30 Self Portraits in 30 Days - Day 3

click on the painting to enlarge the image

Self Portrait - Day 3
oil on canvas board

One thing about painting self portraits that the artist quickly discovers, your features take on new aspects when you stare at them for a few hours each day. Some good , some bad and some just plain ugly. Some things seem to appear out of thin air... or should I say thick air.
For instance where did that double chin come from. It wasn't there 30 years ago!

I'll be at the Sage creek Gallery for the Oil Painters of America Show in Santa FE. so I don't know how I will post for the next few days.


Kathy Jurek said...

Wow, Peter, I really like your variety so far. I've started by painting one very quick self-portrait. I am going to do another tonight. Have fun in Sante Fe.

David Lobenberg said...

Another good one but I am distracted by the reflections on the canvas. Was it shot with a flash or modeling lamp! Going outdoors in light shade or on an overcast day makes for great photos without glare or light bounce.

Anonymous said...

That's quite a challenge. The very thought of such scares the crap outa me. Probably means I should do it.
I'm enjoying your results very much, not the least of which is the pencil. Patience or not, you did a fine job with that.
I'll be back soon to check on your progress. said...

The painting is done so well even a double chin looks good.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many other artists could suppress their artists' license and resist the urge to cover up a double chin. A very honest portrait. The way the light strikes the neck reminds me of Rembrandt.


Anonymous said...

Days 1 through 3 are great! I really hope you haven't fallen off the self-portrait wagon, because I am looking forward to numbers 4 through 30.

Peter Yesis said...

Hey Kathy- I hope to see 30 Kathy's on your blog.

David -Thanks for the advice David. I usually shoot under my studio lights because I usually finish late at night and I want to quickly post and go to bed. But the idea for taking photos outside is a good one.

A. - you should definitely try it. Being afraid is a common ailment among artists something you live with. Try it and let me know how you did.

WR/Lisa- Thanks. I never thought I would thank someone for saying my double chin looks good.