Saturday, May 16, 2009

Daily Painting Practice - 30 Self Portraits in 30 Days - Day 14

I think I should rename this series 30 Self Portraits in About 30 Days, since I missed another day. I don't want to be sued for false blogging.
The painting of the North Woods is coming along nicely. I worked on the water and the trees a bit more. Still lots to do.

I have rationalized not sending anything into the Northern Art Competition this year. I told myself since I have never heard or seen of the art show before, maybe it would be better to visit it before I send in an entry. It always helps to have a reason handy when you miss a deadline.
click on the painting to enlarge the image

Hear No Evil
Self Portrait Day 14
oil on masonite

My modern interpretation to the second part of the proverb "See no Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil".
By now you are probably asking yourself, "Doesn't this guy wear anything but flannel shirts?"
The answer is not if I can help it.


René PleinAir said...

You where having a hard time not breaking up into laughter, ... I guess at least that's what I think to see.

Marvelous Peter, I am watching those portraits with great respect

Well done!

Peter Yesis said...

Hey Rene -Thanks for stopping by.I am having a great time with this model.

Anonymous said...


This one really shows character. I can see right into your eyes. I just love it.