Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daily Painting Practice- 30 Self Portraits in roughly 30 Days - Day 16

click on the painting to enlarge the image

Midnight Raider
Self Portrait - Day 16
oil on canvas board

Just over the half way mark of the 30 day 30 self portraits exercise and I don't think I have lost any weight. I should probably grab a sandwich and think about my next composition.


Darren Maurer said...

The self portraits are great. This one is my favorite so far. Maybe since I see myself in the same situation? It should be titled, "Refrigeraider" Get it?

Catofstripes said...

I'm really only a lurker on your blog, usually skimming via Google reader but I wanted to say how much I admire your determination (and skill) to see this through. It's really inspirational.

Peter Yesis said...

Hey Darren- What a great title! I am still rolling on the floor laughing.

Cat- Thanks for kind words. I loved visiting your blogs. The food photos are beautiful They make me drool.

Celeste Bergin said...

brilliant! accurate but painterly. Bravo! It is hard to have a favorite of the series--but this one might be mine.

Miss Muse said...

Hi Peter... I love the Midnight Raider!!!