Thursday, May 21, 2009

Daily Painting Practice- 30 Self Portraits in roughly 30 Days - Day 17

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Self Portrait - Day 17
Ball Point Pen on Paper

When I was in High School the sketching media of choice was the ball point pen. Of course back then my subject matter was limited to sports figures. This was back before newspapers had color photographs. The New York Daily News had a great sports page that often had pen and ink figures and portraits. I can't remember the artist's name but that was my first exposure to portrait drawing. My art was born from the back pages of the Sports section in the New York Daily News and the (Jon Nagy TV program). I am old.


Marilyn M. King said...

Hi Peter,
These portraits are all great! It appears that you are having fun devising the different was to represent yourself. You may call yourself "old", but you have captured the "12 year old little leaguer at the ball park" in this delightful portrait. Your Mom would love this one!!!!

Glad to see you sharing your wonderful portraits on the "Artists Paint Themselves" blog.

James said...

So Peter, are you using a mirror or ?

I'm always curious on that.

Celeste Bergin said...

John Nagy.? ARE old. well wait....I remember him too. That certainly was a hundred years ago. . I was thinking...could you do a woodburned portrait next? j/k lolYour ball point pen portrait has much charm. said...

Very nice self protrait with a nice smile.

Peter Yesis said...

Hi Marilyn - Yes, There is a little leaguer in all of us.

Hey James- I am taking photos of myself.I try not to just copy them though. It helps to try and remember the feeling and paint that.

Thanks Lisa- Yeah, I'd smile more.... but I have no lips.