Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Daily Painting Practice - One Painting finished One just starting.

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The Book Seller's Favorites
14"x18" oil on panel

Completed...titles and all. Now on to the next... no time to rest in an artist's life.
More Mums...
blocking in stage . Trying to decide on what do with the background and what  needs to be on the table. I call this my "compose as I go along" kind of painting.... I live dangerously.

I'm adding flowers (just paint smudges) to the bouquet and playing with ones on the table.

There was going to be a white table cloth but  I changed it to a wood table top.
Needs  something on the table.

Just the thing. In real life the cup is a little larger. I scaled it down a touch... We artists have the power to change the world....well, at least within our own studio walls. Not a bad beginning.

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