Sunday, November 04, 2012

Daily Painting Practice - New Still life painting video on Youtube -

Here's a side step from the current blog story line.   

This weekend I attempted to make my first video  for YouTube.  I love watching other artist's work in this way, especially if the music is good. Since this was my first attempt  I selected the music rather quickly. I still think it works nicely though.  There is one minor mistake, but I am at a loss as to how to correct it now that it is loaded. See if you can spot it.

click  play my video

Hope you enjoyed it!


Dave Casey said...

Other than spelling "wathcing" wrong I saw nothing wrong with it. ;)

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back painting and posting. The flowers are lovely! I love the softness, and will watch the video.

Amy Mann said...

Oh well, you're a painter, not a speller! Beautiful paintings.

jimserrettstudio said...

Really wonderful survey of your work. Top shelf paintings. :)

You can edit out the frame with the miss spelling in You Tubes video editor.

Also turn your blog and dot com in the description into direct clickable links, add http//:

Love your work.

Anonymous said...

may all my mistakes look as good as yours!!! fantastic job.

Annie v.

Peter Yesis said...

David - you are the winner. I should have spell checked the text.
Judy , Amy and Annie- thanks so much . The kind words always help keep the self doubts at bay.
Jim - Thanks for the tips. I'm enjoying your work as well.