Thursday, November 01, 2012

Daily Painting Practice - plein air , hot air and off the the air - painting outdoors can be hazardous

So the day continued... One painting complete, time to move on to the show.   I arrived  an hour before lunch and since I was only judging, I didn't  have a need to  produce a piece for the competition. The day was gorgeous but the temperature was getting close to 100 degrees.

To get back in the swing of things I decided to settle in with a relaxing tree study.  For all of you wanna be  plein air painters I thought of a few do's and don'ts to keep in mind.  
 1.   Do - find shade. Shade is your friend. Painting in direct sunlight can play havoc on your value choices. You will find a painting  done in direct sunlight once brought inside is dark and dull. Not the brilliant masterpiece you thought you had.

2. Do- Take as many extra napkins you feel comfortable stuffing in your bag from any restaurant you eat at.  They can become live savers.

3. Don't - talk on your cell phone while you continue to paint. Especially don't set it on the easel, and never swat at bugs when they fly over the phone which you perched on the edge of your palette.
4. Do - feel free to use as many of those free napkins in an emergency.

click on picture to enlarge the image

Tree Study
oil on panel

It was noon.  My phone smelled like paint. ( I hoped it still worked) I was out of napkins and I needed a break.  The air was getting intensely hot. 

One more don't
5. - Don't leave your car locked up with the first painting from the morning sitting in the broiling sun.  The smell of baked linseed on toasted panel isn't pretty.


Frances Buckmaster said...

Peter--I always enjoy your posts and the sharing of struggles we artists share. However, you missed one warning: There's a notice on your easel about not loosening the screws too much, or they will fall out. One appears missing. You can see by this comment that I 'enlarged' your painting's photo in order to see it better. Keep painting AND chuckling!It's good for both of us!

peteryesis said...

Frances you are too observant. I think I lost that screw the first time I took the easel out.

René PleinAir said...

Good advice Peter!

Now I'm going through you postings I didn't do that a long time, too long I´ll guess. When I look at the latest plein air work of you, wow!! But I still enjoy the little blue shed ;-)

Peter Yesis said...

Rene - always glad to hear from you. Thanks for the encouraging words. You are a plein air champion.