Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Daily Painting Practice - Fall colors at a Northwoods Lake - part 1

What comes first Composition or Color?

Actually, I have read the concept or idea should come first.  Use composition to help you convey your idea. Use color to help sell the story to the viewer.
 So, if my idea is beautiful autumn trees in sunlight, I should use a composition to best convey that.

 I think this composition will do the job. The color choices  to sell my idea of beautiful autumn trees, means that the color will have to be strong not muted, and they should also be harmonious. I'll try to do this sticking with a limited palette of colors. Ultra Marine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Cad yellow light,  Aliz. Crimson, Cad Red light. and Titanium White.
 I am desperately trying to stay away from using white in the clouds. I hate pasty looking clouds. These are cad yellow and cad red light with white and some blue. I'm not pleased with the way the clouds  line up and I think they need to be warmer.

 So far the sunny part of my idea is working . The rest of the painting needs refining but I like the progress.

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