Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Daily Painting Practice - Part 2 Fall Colors at North Woods Lake

Refining a painting without  killing the painting is a matter of correct choices.

Make the wrong choices and you increase the risk of needing a stronger cup of tea and a pillow to scream into. Make the right choices and you can relax with that cup of tea and use the pillow to lay back and admire your work.
  All of the worry could be avoided if you take your time, step back and remember your concept and idea.
Be advised to do as I write, not as I do.
 I continued to refine the clouds and the distant shoreline. I also softened the reflections making sure the values  in the water were a little darker.
 I worked and reworked the foliage which was heading toward those muted colors again. So what  to do? Of course... Think back to my original concept.
 click on the image to enlarge the painting

Autumn Beauty
oil on canvas board

This one was a study. I will use it to make a larger painting. I'll post that process whenever I start it.

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Marti's Morning Meditation said...

Enjoyed watching the evolution of this painting and your comments were so helpful. Esp. noticed the change when you changed the muted colors back to original idea. Didn't notice myself but certainly saw the difference when I viewed the change. Loved this painting.l