Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daily Painting Practice- Maine Coastal Impressions- Starting the seascape

Developing the color study -

The 18"x24"canvas was pre-toned with acrylic gesso with some gray/purple acrylic paint ( much like the area behind the painting). I toned the canvas again with a thin and darker gray/green. I began to sketch from the sketch ( see the last post), blocking in the composition and wiping out the light areas.

As you can see the paint is very thin and the colors very muted.
 More scratching, wiping and brushing. That stiff  2" brush I bought from Home Depot is doing most of the work.
I am playing with that foam spray, trying  to figure out  how it works.

Adding some warmth to those cool tones really separates the rocks from the water.
 That is actually coffee in my cup, not tea. (and no, my fellow tea drinkers,  I'm not crossing over to the dark side... unless you count dark roasted...)
 The idea of the strong morning light hits me... so it must follow, that it also must hit the rocks and spray.

That's a good place to stop and get a refill.

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Anonymous said...

I think that morning light is a good hit.

I can never make water look right by trying for photographic type details. I have to give up and just "think water." Always surprises me how well that works.