Sunday, January 27, 2013

Daily Painting Practice- Seascape color study continued

Continued Color Study:

Next stage:  Adding more color and playing with texture.

 I am not an efficient painter. If production were necessary to my making a living, I would definitely  starve. I have not developed a method to turn out paintings in a regular rhythm.  The best explanation (or excuse) I have is that I rely more on my intuition  than I do confidence and procedure when I paint

 Confidence, I know comes with knowledge, and knowledge comes from practice, and practice comes from painting and painting and ...painting.
 But I suspect there is also a part of being productive that deals with being settled. Either you settle on a certain style, subject matter, medium, method, or even size of work. 
 I am, or have been up until now,  more of a gypsy painter. Roving from subject to subject, method to method and style after style, I haven't found a home or settled down. Not exactly a formula for increasing productivity is it?

 Still exploring. This is part of  the production slow down. Even though I started this painting with a thumbnail and a color sketch, I am still exploring the scene. Still creating, arranging, re-arranging objects, light, and color as I paint.
 Work in progress

I am enjoying this intuitive method. But someday this gypsy painter would like to settle down.




Vivienne said...

The beauty of your work is that you are NOT a formulaic painter. Each painting is different because you see each subject of your paintings in a different way. I find painters who "turn out paintings in a regular rhythm" are so often in danger of becoming predictably boring, they rely on 'sameness', the same palette, the same compositions, the same subjects mostly re-arranged only slightly differently and there is seldom any feeling to them, they can be well executed but with a 'slickness' of style. In short, they run out of "things to say".
You are a very fine painter and are probably the finest flower painter I know of. I never tire of looking at your work or of looking forward to what comes next.

Frances Buckmaster said...

Peter---Thank you for the self analysis and the phrase 'gypsy painter'. That fits me to a 't' regarding art. My time is fractured and my interests are broad, I'm an eternal student (read about art constantly) and I keep my studio busy with hosting programs (my list of 'reasons'). However, without that list, I think I would still be an intuitive gypsy painter.

I love your art and agree completely with everything Vivienne said. Your blog is also one of my favorites because of all of the above.