Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Daily Painting Practice - I have relocated and now I am Painting in Maine

I have moved to Maine!

It has been a long time since my last post , and now you know why.  Moving here is a dream come true for me. Maine has so much to offer artists.  

Like a rugged coast....

Scenic mountain views...

or this future painting site ( which is  just up the road)

 Our trip from Omaha to Searsport, Maine would have made a great movie. It had everything Hollywood would want; Drama (not everything fit in the truck),  Mystery ( why would the GPS  send us to a dark deserted road at 2 AM and tell us we have arrived at our destination?),  Suspense (bordering on terror)  and of course...  Comedy (What happens when you pull into a motel after 14 hours on the road and they tell you no trucks allowed... ha,ha,ha,ha).  I'll spare you all the details but one, because this is an art blog.  My art adventure is part of the comedy. 

I needed to deliver my  painting "Crescendo" to  the Maine-Art  gallery in Kennebunkport, Maine for a show I was invited to participate in.  The opening was scheduled one week after we  moved in and the painting had to arrive that week. Since we were passing by ( they are 3 hours south of our new home)  I decided to pack the painting last and deliver it to the gallery on our way, instead of having it shipped.  Nice plan... The truck  was packed so tight the painting box barely squeezed in. ( I  actually tied a bike on the outside of the truck)

 When we did arrive in Kennebunkport, the 48 foot moving truck with car trailer attached was too long to maneuver the tiny road to the gallery so I had to park on the busy main road, untie the bike to get to the door, open the door without  letting the contents tumble out, snatch the box ( 40"x52") and carry it on my head, down the street to the gallery. 

All of this after a three day driving nightmare.  I was dirty, sweaty, unshaven and low on sleep.  Besides that, I was deaf from the engine noise and smelled of  diesel and  dog (she was in the front seat with us). 

This was my way of introducing myself to the gallery.

They were very gracious though and the show was wonderful.

"Crescendo"  at the Maine-Art Gallery in Kennebunkport, Maine

More adventures coming soon!



Kathy Jurek said...

Peter, it's nice to see what you've been up to. We'll miss you in Nebraska but wish you all the best. Maybe one of these days when I come back to MA I'll see if I can come up to visit. :)

That painting for the gallery is stunning!

Amy Mann said...

Fantastic! I've been following you for awhile, and a move to Maine may be in my future (my husband and I are thinking of retiring in Portland.) I look forward to seeing what you do there!

Unknown said...

The painting looks fantastic.

Peter Yesis said...

Thank you Barbara, I glad you like it. but what about the guy next to the painting?
Amy - You are going to love Maine - an artist's paradise.

Kathy -Thank you, You are welcome anytime. By the way, everyone should visit your blog. All your hard work has certainly paid off.

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