Friday, September 06, 2013

Daily Painting Practice in Maine - first day Plein air painting near Northport

My first plein air day out-

I got my gear and headed south on Rt1 for  who knows where.  I passed a nice cove and decided to pull over and inspect the area. This is what I found.

Saturday Cove, Northport, Maine

Not a bad place. I was in the shade and all was well.  This would be a good place to mention one of the hazards when painting  the coast of Maine.

  Anyone who has painted plein air knows  how troubling the changing light can be. The sun moves and there goes your shadows. In Maine we have another challenge. The Tides.  When I pulled into this area the tide was just starting to leave. In the photo above, it is more than  half way gone.

  Maine has some pretty dramatic  tides, by the time I quit, the pool of water and the reflections where gone.

Saturday Cove, Low Tide

All that was left were a few tide pools. (that's puddles to you Midwest people).

 Not a bad beginning. I love the name of the cove. I wonder who got to name all these places?

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