Thursday, September 12, 2013

Daily Painting Practice in Maine - Plein air painters of Maine

I found Plein air Painters in Maine!

  As soon as I got to Maine I started looking for other artists to go out and  paint with.  I found the jackpot in the (Plein Air Painters of Maine).  This  group started with just four friends getting together every week. It now has dozens of  members and  three chapters,  Southern Maine , Western Maine and the Central group ( that is  the original group in the Boothbay region). (Corinne McIntyre) is the coordinator and one of the founding members. She is the most gracious person on earth and made me feel  welcome from the first minute I contacted her.  

Corinne picks some fantastic spots.  Here is the first  place I joined them; Hendricks Head on Southport Island,  Maine.

Hendricks Head Lighthouse

 They meet every Wednesday, and while Boothbay Maine is a two hour ride from my house, it is worth the time.  The day I joined them 19 artists where painting.

 Since my ride was so long, I was asked that first day if I would be interested in starting the Northern Chapter.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity.  So now my role as Coordinator of the Northern Chapter of the Plein air Painters of Maine is to paint every Tuesday in Maine. ( I have truly died and gone to heaven!) I think I am up to the challenge. 

 I will be heading out to a new place every Tuesday somewhere along MidCoast or DownEast Maine. (that includes Acadia National Park!) Everyone is welcome to join me! Just email me or  Corinne and we will get you on the email list for weekly directions. This is soooooo  exciting!

Hendricks Head lighthouse - Boothbay, Maine

 My first effort... with many more to come.


Bobbi Heath said...

Hi Peter, so nice to meet you on Wednesday with the Plein Air Painters of Maine and to have lunch with you and Corinee. Loved your foggy tree, so soft and beautiful. I hope you'll join us again in the Boothbay group.
Your website is great, and I love what you're doing with the blog. Thanks for including the process photos, I'm going to study that wave.

Anonymous said...

Stood on this very image today with overflowing memories. I fell in love for the first time staying at this very lighthouse. I love your painting. Candice

Sean said...

This is greatt