Monday, September 16, 2013

Daily Painting Practice in Maine - Schoodic Point, Inspiration for Seascapes

I get a lot of ideas and inspiration for painting when I visit my favorite painting place - Schoodic Point.

(Schoodic Point) is part of Acadia National Park. However, it is not on the main island, it is a peninsula further up the coast  near a small village called Winter Harbor. It has stunning views and lots of crashing waves on rocks.

Small color study and beginning of larger piece

I started again with a small color study for composition. It also helps me become familiar with the mood. You see, I'm a moody artist. I don't mean I walk around all day with a sour attitude, I mean I enjoy paintings that express more than just sunshine and clear blue skies.  

blocking in  - I'm thinking of the abstract forms in the design

I like the balance in this arrangement. It still has movement but the  two dark areas of rocks are tied together nicely by the  broken wave.

another Seascape inspired  by Schoodic Point

Like the previous painting, it needs some fine tuning but I'm off to a good start.

I'll be at Schoodic Point again tomorrow morning. It's the destination of my weekly plein air trip for the  Plein Air Painters of Maine  Northern Chapter.  Everyone is welcome!

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