Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Daily Painting Practice - 30 paintings in 30 days - Maine Seascapes

Day 1

 I have signed up for (Leslie Saeta's) 30 day painting challenge. It's a great way to focus, stay disciplined and of course paint everyday. The main reason for me is to come up with 30 good ideas to develop into larger studio pieces. So here is my first composition and of course the process steps.
Waiting for the Tide 
6"x6" oil on canvas

The best part of this exercise is seeing the color, composition, narrative work together. Doing these paintings in a small format is a good way to see the weaknesses and strengths quickly. 
Step 1
 Here is what I started with, a  recycled canvas panel pre-toned with a cool dark blue. The dark tone enabled me to slowly map out the composition with subtle lighter notes.
Step 2
Still mapping out placement but also adding some color notes.
I moved the  horizon line several times.
Step 3
With the main elements in place I can now play with the color and details. The idea was good, the composition and colors work. I might just add a figure if I do it on a larger scale to add more weight to the narrative. Not a bad first day.

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