Friday, January 24, 2014

Daily Painting Practice - Maine landscape - progress of view of Mt Desert Island

Day 24 - Onward and Upward - or Foreground and background

My epic journey with this painting continues. Right now I am  concentrating on my feeling toward the subjects in the painting. Sounds weird but that is what I am doing at this stage. Making rocks feel like rocks and the low scrubby bushes should feel correct. I want then to feel different from the trees, distant hills and sky.  All of that feeling  goes along with the itemized checklist that I keep reviewing in my head.
One of the lessons I picked up from Stapleton Kearns' workshop is the importance of balance in a painting.  Watching to make sure all the elements balance each other. Not to make it static but to make the painting comfortable so that the viewer's eye wants to stay for a  long visit.

Much more to do , but I like how it is developing.

work in progress - View of Mt Desert Island from Pigeon Hill
I am attaching all of these progress photos from previous blog posts so that you can see the progress to date in an easy manner. Just click on one of the photos and  Blogger should bring up all of the photos in a line.


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