Saturday, January 25, 2014

Daily painting Practice - Seascape Maine

DAY 25 - A Quick Dip

I love painting waves. There is so much drama and motion, you could sit at the easel forever composing, painting, repainting.   This can go on forever, never ending like the incoming surf.
  To avoid this dilemma, limit yourself to one idea about the scene. Say the idea out loud or write it down. Better still, give the painting it's title before  beginning.  Now  start painting the idea.
 This approach helps to instill a more original or personal aspect to my work. Try it.
What's the idea?
My idea was breaking waves. Not a seascape or a scene at the ocean. Waves, breaking, it is that simple an idea. So even with the first strokes, the wave (or idea) should stand out. If the idea isn't caught or doesn't hit you immediately wipe it off and  try to make the impact of the idea in just a few strokes.
This approach to making my work more original is new for me also and not a habit yet. Lately, I  am finding it is more important for me to consciously add my voice to my painting and not just make a pretty scene. That's where saying the idea out loud before touching the canvas came from.
Keep the idea simple

 I went back several times with a bold brush stroke to  keep the wave dominant.
Morning Brew
Twenty minutes  and my morning brew was ready.


bazza said...

Hi Peter. How refreshing to find a painting Blog that is actually helpful to a painter!
Nice Blog!
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Amanda Martinez said...

I love it!