Monday, March 24, 2014

Best Tips for supplying your art studio from Goodwill or thrift stores -Tip Number 1 the Plein Air Pack.

First day of spring in Maine -

I guess that means wild turkeys at the door step.

But onto a less serious note:
My top 10 ideas for supplying your studio from a thrift store...These lists are just fun to try and put together because they always generate more lists and more ideas. 

The idea for this post came about because last week I upgraded my original thrift store plein air pack (cost me $2 a few years back) to a new and improved carrier. ( cost me double, but I get twice the space)... and it comes in red so I can't possibly misplace it!

It not only holds twice as much stuff but is has all the options...

Wheels and a handle...
You can carry it on your back, and it even holds a tripod...
This is the best part. My pochade box, brushes, turps, hand cleaner and Liquin are all easy to pack and remove. 
( I have no idea who made this bag but if I owned the company I would market it to plein air painters)

The small bag($2) that holds my tubes of paint just happens to be red also.
So my number 1 thrift store supply is the Plein Air travel kit -  Total price $6.

This was a rather long post so  I'll post the other nine tips  over the next week. 


Dave Casey said...

I like the idea of using Goodwill to take care of your art material needs. I shop there all the time, usually buying my still life stuff there. I didn't have the patience to try to find a pack there so I bought new for my Coulter Palette. However, I did find a couple of bags for my paints. These are the canvas and vinyl bank deposit bags and they work great.

Barbara P said...

The case I have now is way too big (and it was expensive). This is a good tip for a practical replacement.