Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Top Ten Studio Supply Tips from a Thrift Store - Number 2 & 3- old frames and mirrors

Supplying your studio from Goodwill or a Thrift Store  Tip Number 2 - Old Frames

The reason to keep a list of things I need or could use ( notice they are different) in the studio, is that stalking thrift stores takes time. The list is the only way to remember these quirky ideas.
Old frames are found in abundance in thrift stores and are cheap. I'm not talking about frames for artwork that you will take to a gallery or show.  Don't  do that or the art police will revoke your artistic license.

I hunt for frames that can be used in still life set ups.
Bookseller's Favorites
I did this one a few years ago. The frame cost me about $2. Rembrandt's portrait was not in the frame I added that. But....
The Bookseller
this print with his portrait was in this frame  I purchased for $3.50.

Of course you could use these recycled frames to hang them in your own studio. ( perfectly legal if used for observational purposes only.) This 5x7 has seen better days but it's nice to pop a daily practice painting in  every so often.
  Tip Number 3 - Mirrors
 Mirrors are an important tool to check accuracy and values in  your work.  Nothing finds mistakes quicker in your drawing. If you don't have space to hang a larger mirror on the wall in your studio, you could use an extra easel set up behind you or some times you get lucky at a thrift store and find two  supplies for the price of one.

Like this little hand held mirror I removed from an old frame. (99 cents) 

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